Testimonial Tuesday, Mar 13

Hey guys, welcome to Testimonial Tuesday! Each week, we give you a powerful story about how King's Ransom is changing lives in Nicaragua and around the world! Zella Books is helping that mission. Our goal this year is to raise 5,000 dollars for a single-family home in Nicaragua. We hope you join us!

Today's testimonial comes from Kevin:

But it’s more than just homes. Generations are being impacted. We’re helping them build a sustainable future for their children through the construction of community centers and sustainable chicken farms. They are learning trades like construction, farming, and sewing, so they never have to go back to poverty, and they can give their children a future and a hope.
That’s what your giving is doing. 

~Kevin S.

Awesome Kevin, thanks for sharing! See you next Tuesday for another Testimonial!

My Honest Review of The Greatest Showman


Hey you guys!

It is Wednesday afternoon and I am STILL basking in just awe. I saw The Greatest Showman Saturday night, and I LOVED it. If you haven’t seen it yet, this review may contain spoilers. If you have, you can stay or go, I don’t care.
~this review is from a non-denominational Christian perspective. if you don’t uphold and/or respect that view, go watch a soap opera~