My Honest Review of The Greatest Showman


Hey you guys!

It is Wednesday afternoon and I am STILL basking in just awe. I saw The Greatest Showman Saturday night, and I LOVED it. If you haven’t seen it yet, this review may contain spoilers. If you have, you can stay or go, I don’t care.
~this review is from a non-denominational Christian perspective. if you don’t uphold and/or respect that view, go watch a soap opera~

Stuff That I Could Care Less About But IG It’s Important

Run Time: 1 hour 45 minutes
Stars: Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Keala Settle, Zendaya, Michelle Williams, Rebecca Fugerson, Paul Sparks, Yahya Abdul Mateen II

Positive Elements

Firstly, this movie had some awesome messages. It portrayed, in a humorous and comical way, how to dream big and not let negativity and naysayers get in your way. It also shows how getting distracted from the people who love you, like family and friends, can be detrimental to your goal.
The choreography, dance, and song was phenomenal. If you haven’t, go purchase the soundtrack RIGHT NOW. You won’t regret it. The songs and movie are literally the most quotable media ON EARTH. If you follow my Facebook page, I’ll be posting a lot more quotes from the movie on there, so check it out!

Negative Elements

The movie had a bad word in it, but only in one song. It was the d-word, and was repeated thrice. Whenever I sing along, I replace the boo-boo word with “dang,” so that’ll give you an idea of what the word really was. If you know you’re smart enough not to go saying “d” around town, you can keep the song on repeat.
There was also a lot of kissing in the movie. Philip Carlyle/Zac Efron and Anne Wheeler/Zendaya kissed quite a bit towards the end. P.T. Barnum/Hugh Jackman and Jenny Lind/Rebecca Ferguson also kissed. The only couple that really should’ve kissed is P.T. and his wife, Charity/Michelle Williams. Trust me, I like movies where the couple-in-love kiss once or twice, but I could’ve counted three or four. Maybe a little over the top for me.

Funny Elements

First of all, it was kind of cool how the characters broke out into song and dance just randomly. Also, there was a lot of champagne-downing in the movie. They drank A LOT. It was kind of hilarious how much Hugh and Zac tried to make the other drunk during “The Other Side.”
I also thought it was kind of funny how the movie didn’t actually reflect the time period it was set in. There are no spotlights in the late 1800s, 😝 and some of the trapeze outfits seemed more modern.
And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed the movie review and I hope this inspires you to GO AND SEE THE GREATEST SHOWMAN. I almost cried during the movie, that’s how darn good it was.

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