March Announcements!

Hey-o subscribers! "One Day More" and then it's going to be March. (Catch my joke there?)

I don't know if you know, but I like to give my announcements orally––through a video! Plus, it's almost like getting to talk to all of you. You guys are so awesome reading what I post every day and I hope more of you come!

*I made a few mistakes.
1) I put a slide saying "February Announcements" but I really meant March.
2) I said that this month's Strength is on the 11th but it's really on the 25th....I made an executive decision in the post-production stage so I couldn't change what I had originally said, but I'm saying it now so READ MY LIPS! ;)

I'll see you in a couple of days. My family and I are going to watch the Greatest Showman, and I plan to post a review of it. Have you seen it yet?

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